Mar 20, 2016

For the Better or For Worse?

So this thought has been plaguing me for a while. Why do we choose to have all this social media and electronics? Why have we made it the center of our lives? 

Here's my opinion, if you care to keep reading..

In the past 20 years the world has evolved into an electronically driven society. Everything we do connects us to the Internet somehow or another. First it was making our jobs easier, communication easier, education became easier, and overall has made our entire lives almost too easy. 
Technology allows us to find a job without leaving our couch, it allows us to meet new people from all over the world from the comfort of your own home, it's allows us to expand our knowledge in anything you wish to know without having to check out a book at a library, you can have a new recipe to try in mere seconds, you can buy clothes online and have it sent right to your door, you can even use a website that tailors what clothes you like to your size! They send you clothes matching your preferences and send a return package with it to return what you don't care for and At the convenience of PayPal you can purchase the items you did like. We could literally live life without leaving our home! 

Don't get me wrong, it is extremely convenient to have anything you want or need at your thump-tips! (Get it? Finger-tips?😂) anyway...

I lay in bed every night and listen to my husband wind down to some YouTube videos. Now I don't have a problem with that, for the most part. Everyone winds down in the evenings in their own ways wether it's reading a book (on your kindle or iPad I might add) or a long soak in a bubble bath. These are great, but when I lay in bed I think about a time before electronics. What was it like? Well, you couldn't get a job without dressing your very best and showing up with a smile on your face and a resume in hand. First impressions were key to getting a good job. Now you can send a resume through email and even have your first interview via the Internet.  What happened to first impressions? Well, As long as you look good on paper...... That could branch into a whole other post! But I will refrain. 


You couldn't learn about historical Presidents or the lives of missionaries (my favorite!) or facts about your favorite animal or how to build a homemade rocket without going to the library and checking out a book! A real book, with pages that you turn in anticipation of the next chapter! Now you can buy the book on your phone and read it right then and there without having that experience of going to the library every Thursday to check out the next book in that AMAZING series you're reading! You won't even need mom's help this week because you learned the Dewey Decimal System in school last week!
Raise your hand if you know the Dewey Decimal System... Anyone?? Anybody??

I'm at fault myself, I applied for a job at the library a few years ago and didn't get it because I couldn't remember the DDS. I realized at that moment that I had turned to the new library computers to find where the book I wanted was. It would tell me the numbers or letters and which section and floor it was on. How sad!! The computer made it SO much easier but caused me to forget the basic system of the books! I crippled my own knowledge by using a computer. 

What other vital experiences and knowledge do we lose by using electronics and Internet?

Well, used to, you couldn't have new clothes unless you went to the mall and tried them on, but who likes to do that alone? You would go with friends! Have lunch and shop and just make a whole day of it. Now, you can order it online. You can see people daily on FaceBook or Instagram or SnapChat and have entire conversations without even seeing the person in real life. But what did you actually do with that person? Did you make a memory with this conversation?:

"Hi bff! Chillin @ school..Selfie!!!😘💗😜😍"
Did you grow closer in your relationship with that person?

"Lol! Gorgeous!😍 I luv ur hair! It's 2 cute!"

Seriously? Is it easier for you not to use the right spelling?!
What do we gain from this!? 

Yes, I totally understand that it is awesome to be able to see and communicate much easier with family and friends who live far away. I'm not judging. But wouldn't that be even more of a good reason to plan a trip and go see them in person? There's another life experience and memories missed because you sent an instant message and a picture instead of going on a road trip! You could tell your future kids about "that one time we went to see...this happened.... And we did this.... And then she... And we laughed and laughed all night!"
These stories will stay with you for a lifetime! But will you remember that time when you sent them a cute picture of yourself because they missed you?

Just sayin'. 

I wish that this world would see that when it comes down to it, we lose more than we gain by using technology. 

But at this point, I don't think our world would be able to disconnect from all the technology. I think it's as vital as breathing these days. I only hope by writing this that I can cause you to consider... and persuade you to CHOOSE real life interaction over technology any chance you get! 

Memories are made in person, not on a screen. 

P.S. I mean no offense in this post! I am simply stating an opinion and my own thoughts. Feel free to give your thoughts on the matter! I'd love to hear them!

Signing off my iPhone Blogger App! 😜

😘 Mrs.G

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