Mar 18, 2016

My Crazy Life

I know I haven't posted in a while. My life has been crazy, per the usual, and I just haven't sat down to blog. Luckily, I found an app that lets me blog from my phone, how convenient! 

My lovely cousin (hi cuz!!) recently started a blog and it inspired me to write again. For me, writing is like a stress relief. I get to spill my feelings and thoughts (well, most of them... I'm sure no one wants to read ALLLL my thoughts😋) onto paper and it mentally lightens a load. 
I think this is because I am such a social person living a secluded life and writing is my way of releasing all that pent up social energy. I live in the southern area of Texas with the hubs and we have no friends or family here. 
Luckily, we visit Houston about once a month and see friends and family! But like I said, only once a month if even that
Recently I've been trying to seek God's will for my life even more than usual. I found myself at a crossroad and after the Houston Meeting and I became so determined to do something with my life! Something fulfilling. 
So I sought out a new job, the one I have currently just couldn't give me the hours I needed so I start a new one this weekend! 
What do I do? I babysit.
Yes yes I know, "isn't babysitting a job you get during high school?"
Sure! But who says you can't babysit for a living?! 

I see it this way:

1. It's flexible! You can pick and choose the best job for you and your schedule. When I first started working, The Hubs and I only had 1 vehicle. He works a 12 hour shift so I would drop him off and go to work all afternoon and then pick him up at the end of his shift. It was crazy and not easy. We put 100 miles on his truck DAILY. But it was a life saver. I needed something to fill my time and it did!! I felt deserving of my sleep each night:)

2. It pays!!! People won't let some creep sit in their home with their babies or drive them to and from school, so they pay for the best! The income is about $10-$15 per hour or more if you find a particularly wealthy family. Where can you find a job that pays that?!  

3. Job security! If you don't like the job or it just doesn't work for you anymore, you can get another one without cutting your income in half. People are always looking for sitters, especially working parents and new parents. You'll replace your old job lickity-split!

So back to my life story, I recently got a new (to me) car! It's a 2014 black Ford Explorer! I've always wanted a Ford Explorer and there it was sitting on a lot with my name on it! (Not literally, but that would've been awesome!)
It had been on the lot for 90 days so the price dropped to the dealer's cost! These cars run from 23k-45k and ours was listed at $19,900! Wow! Even the dealer was shocked! It's kinda a long story, but we were at the dealership til 2 hours after they closed. It was a fluke that we had gone anyway and so when we found this car it was already 30 minutes til closing. We had to go to a sister dealership to find it, then we were told that it was locked up in the shop pending a liquid refill of some sort, then back to the original dealership where we found out that the car was actually on the first lot all along. Around 8pm we test drove it... I was in love! It only had 35k miles on it!!!! After price haggling and paperwork we walked out with the keys to a new car! The price we paid? $19,500. Amazing! Even better? The interest rate was 3%!!!! God really knows what he's doing when you wait on Him to provide your needs(and wants)!

Anyways! With a new car comes a new bill, so I got a new job that pays twice what I was making before. (Told you! Babysitting is Awesome!)
This new job starts soon!

Well, I have many more upcoming events that I would like to share but I think I'll wait a bit 

Thanks for reading about my wild and crazy life! 

😘 Mrs. G

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